Its the best time of the year to join Stamping up.   Here are the perks:

  1.  Pay $99 for the starter kit choose $125 of products plus free shipping
  2. Get 20% discount on all future purchase
  3. Get exclusive Mini trimmer, new 6 x 6 DSP sample & free stamp set of your choice – wow what a deal.

You have nothing to loss, no classes, or parties no obligation to sell

If you want to continue as a demo – have fun creating and stay a discount shopper enjoy your discount and keep purchases at $300/Quarter

Please see the below video for more information

If you want to sign up and start getting discounts and become a member of my team (you will have free access to my Stamp-a-stack at no charge (other perk).  Hit the link here to sign up under me.. its so worth it with this deal going on.

Just copy and paste this into your browers, read the agreement and start putting your starter kit together.   You can sign up on-line as its easy but if you want to do it directly thru me email me and we can get your started.

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Walrus Door Prize Cards

Hi there,

My sister Ruth made these adorable Walrus card for a door prize at my Sept SAS.   These are so cute and fun cards.

IMG_3872 IMG_3871 IMG_3870 IMG_3869 IMG_3868

Posted on : Nov 03 2019
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Up and Away Door Prize Cards

Hi there,

My sister Ruth made another great door prize card using the Up and Away stamp set and die.  Again this door prize was based off of a pdf I bought from Chet at  You can buy her pdf for $10.00 and you get 4 for 4 months, a great day.  Thanks to my sister for all her hard work

IMG_3867 IMG_3866 IMG_3865 IMG_3864 IMG_3863

Posted on : Nov 02 2019
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Daisy Lane Door Prize Cards

Hi there

My lovely Sister made these beautiful door prizes cards using the Daisy Lane stamp set and used a pdf I bought from Chet at .  You can buy her pdf for only $10.00 dollars and you get 4 of them for 4 months.  She has the best deals in town.   My sister did a great job a usual, thanks Ruth.

IMG_3859 IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3862

Posted on : Nov 01 2019
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Happy Halloween – Special Treats I made my great Nephew and Nieces for Halloween

Happy Halloween,

Every year I made special treats packs for the treats I buy for my great Nephew James who is 8,  his sister Gracie who is 5 and my other great niece Rory who is 5.   I buy some cool Halloween Candy and fun things and make treat packs out of what I send them.  Below is all the stuff I made and for Rory (as I sent it early as my sister and I are using the Halloween Advent Calender boxes so she can pick out a treat a day, as my sister made Rory the Halloween Calendar box.

The first pictures is all the items I made the kids as I made three of each and then the separate pictures with the fun packages I put together.

IMG_4152 IMG_4151 IMG_4150 IMG_4149

Slider Candy Bar Holders I made

IMG_4148 IMG_4147 IMG_4146 IMG_4145 IMG_4144

IMG_4142 IMG_4141 IMG_4140 IMG_4115 IMG_4114 IMG_4113 IMG_4112 IMG_4111 IMG_4110 IMG_4109 IMG_4108 IMG_4107 IMG_4106 IMG_4104 IMG_4103 IMG_4102 IMG_4100 IMG_4099 IMG_4098 IMG_4097 IMG_4096 IMG_4095 IMG_4094 IMG_4092 IMG_4091 IMG_4090 IMG_4089 IMG_4088 IMG_4087 IMG_4086 IMG_4085

IMG_4117 IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4121 IMG_4122 IMG_4123 IMG_4125 IMG_4126 IMG_4129 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4138 IMG_4139 IMG_4140

Below are cute treats made from   I paid for her Halloween Class and this is one of the projects she had.  In order to know how to make this item you will need to go to and see if you can still Register for her Boo To You Class she had back in Sept.    Trust me its a great one and filled with great items. She is so talented.

IMG_4084 IMG_4083 IMG_4082 IMG_4081 IMG_4080 IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4077 IMG_4076 IMG_4075 IMG_4074

So fun and I know the kids love my boxes.. I love to spoil them.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween.

Posted on : Oct 31 2019
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Birds of a Feather, Wicked and Halloween Display Cards for Sept SAS

Hello and welcome back

IMG_3454 IMG_3452 IMG_3827

Birds of a Feature Sample Card made for Sept SAS

IMG_3832 IMG_3829

Wicked Cards I cased from Stamper Camper.

Below are pictures of all the sample cards, treats, etc I made to display at my Sept SAS.

IMG_3913 IMG_3912 IMG_3911 IMG_3910 IMG_3909 IMG_3908 IMG_3907 IMG_3898 IMG_3897 IMG_3896 IMG_3898 IMG_3895

Posted on : Oct 30 2019
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Boo To You cards and Treats

Hi and Welcome back,

I cased this cool card from Dawn Griffin.  Here is her blog post video on how to make the card

IMG_3438 IMG_3446 IMG_3449 IMG_3437 IMG_3448 IMG_3447 IMG_3450



Cased this card from Erica Cerwin from one of her facebook posts.  So cute.   Here is her facebook page and can’t remember what day she made this.


Copied this card from Dawn Griffin here is her youtube video on how to make the card


Made this cute box for a sample at my SAS.  Love this boo to you set, my favorite stamp sets so far



The card samples I had out on table to display all the items I made for samples.

Posted on : Oct 29 2019
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Spoklatular Bash Wine Bottle Tag

Hi there and Welcome back,

I cased this tag from Susan Campfield while watching her Facebook Live post.  Her Facebook page is and she posted how to make this tag on Sept 20th or so.  I could not link the video but trust me its a good one.  Loved these and made several to give out to friends at Halloween.

IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3795

Posted on : Oct 28 2019
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Halloween Advent Calendar Project Kit and Tag Holders for Halloween SAS Bags

Hi there and welcome back,

SU came out with this cute Advent Calendar Project kit Item No. 150703 on pg 38 of the Holiday Catalog.   The boxes are cool as there are two sides to them, so I made one side Halloween and will be making the other side for Christmas.   So fun and easy to make.  The kit has everything you need to make the Holiday one so I just used the templates from these pieces and made my Halloween one.   So fun and love how it turned out.







Gift tags I made for my Sept SAS card cards that all the 9 cards in sorted out and in their bags for each stamper.




Below are the total gift bags 25 in all and each bag got a different tag.  I stole the tag idea from

IMG_3893 IMG_3894 IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Posted on : Oct 27 2019
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Frankie PopCorn Treat Holder

Hi there and Welcome back,

The cutes Popcorn holder ever.  Love this and totally cased it from Maria Alverz at Kitchentablestamper.    Here is a link to her YouTube video on how to make them.  I made a ton and will be giving them to my neighbors for Halloween.

IMG_4167 IMG_4166 IMG_4165 IMG_4168

So fun and can’t wait for my neighbors to get them.

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