June Saturday Girls

R’lene, Mary Ellen and Janice
Kathy and Lynn
Pat, Tina, Janet and Mo
Kathy Door Prize winner # 1
Mary Ellen
Janet my downline

Another great day with the girls stamping again and having fun. Covid style.

Posted on : Jul 01 2020
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June Friday Girls

Antoniette (newbie stamper), Tanya and Cindy
Donna, Marilyn and Kendra
Laura by herself, missing Robin
Dinner with Laura, Robin and Kendra (they brought their own dinners)
Carrie, Marilyn and Donna
Antoniette # 1 Door Prize Winner
Donna and Marilyn
Without Masks.

What a fun night of stamping again with the girls.

Posted on : Jun 30 2020
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June Door Prize # 3

Card # 1
Card # 2
Card # 3
All Three cards as this set was a popular one for the girls..

This door prize used the Little Ladybug set that you could get for free with a $300 order. Love all these cards and how cute they are. Great job sis.

Posted on : Jun 29 2020
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June Door prize Cards # 2

Card # 1
Card # 2
Card # 3
All Three cards

Thoughtful Blooms door prize which was a SAB set that is now retired. My sister did a great job with these cards. Thanks sis.

Posted on : Jun 26 2020
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June Door Prize # 1

Card made with the Music from the Heart Stamp set (now retired)
Card made with the SAB Lovely Lily Pad Stamp set and die now retired
Card made with the Gangs all Meer all here stamp set (now retired)
Set of all three door prizes (given as one prize)

As you all know my sister Ruth makes the door prizes for me for my event and does a great job. This set she used a combination of stamp sets now retired. These were supposed to be for the March SAS but of course that was canceled due to Covid-19. So we save these for the May that had to be held in June. Thanks sis for your great work.

Posted on : Jun 25 2020
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May Paper Pumpkin

Card # 1
Card # 2
Card # 3
All Three Cards with their coordinating envelopes. These are the original samples as I did not do anything alternative to them. You can make 12 cards out of this box
Here is the Paper Pumpkin box
When you open the box this is usually wrapped around tissue paper (this time it was pick and so cute and then the kit is package also.
This pictures shows all the supplies that the kits supplies plus a ink spot and stamps.
More of what as inside the box. The box also provides in instructions on how to put the card together. I have not gotten creative yet to do an alternative card like other demos.

You can subscribe to paper pumpkin to get a box delivered to you every month with all the supplies to make different cards each month. They are fun and a surprise every time as you don’t know what will be in there. The subscriptions are month to month for $22.00, or prepaid subscription of 6 months for $114 (saving $1.00 per month) or 12 months fors $220.00 (but 11 get one free). If you want to join up hit this link and it will take you directly into my paper pumpkin subscription site.https://www.paperpumpkin.com/en-us/sign-up/?demoid=98185

Posted on : Jun 24 2020
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Special Gifts for the girls

Special gifts I made the girls as a thank you for coming to my event. These are the gifts for the Friday Girls
These are the gifts for the Saturday Girls.

I love making special gifts and hope the girls like them as they are fun to make and give out.

Posted on : Jun 23 2020
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June SAS Set Up

Living Room Table Set up
Card 1 table set up
Card 3 table Set up
Card 2 Table Set up
Dining Room Table Set up
Card # 4 Set Up
Card # 5 Set up
Card # 6 Set up
Garage Table Set up
Card # 7 Set up
Card # 8 Set up
Card # 9 Set up
Big Shot Table three big shots for the three cards
Snacks Covid Style

These pictures are of my June SAS and how I sent up my three table in my living room, dining room and garage that fit six comfortably. All the tables have all the supplies to make the cards (except the ladies bring their own tape) and I also have 3 Ott lights per table so there is good light for the girls to stamp. My garage is the biggest room so that is where the big shot table is and the cards that need the big shot. Due to Covid-19 I set up snacks that where packaged ok for the girls to take and snack on. At lunch I severed two salads also safe to handle. It was good to see the girls again and have fun. I have two sessions Friday night that starts at 3 and Saturday at 10AM. This time I only allowed 10 ladies each day to stay in the Covid-19 regulations. It worked out great.

Posted on : Jun 22 2020
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Tuplip Candy Holders for June SAS

Are these not the cutest.. I cased this from another demo but don’t remember who but so very cute and what a great treat holder. Another treat I made for my June SAS girls.

Posted on : Jun 19 2020
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Lipstick Pen Holders – Prizes for June SAS

Are these not the cutest.. I made this little Lipstick Pen holders for the girls as prizes at my June SAS. I got the idea for this Lipstick Tag Treat from Kimberly at Papered Chef from her You Tube video posted Feb 11, 2020. Check it out.. the pens I ordered from Amazon.

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