Magical Day Birthday Card – April Birthday SAS Card # 1

Hi there and Happy Memorial Day to you all.  Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend.

For the next two weeks, I will be showing you the birthday cards made at my makeup date Birthday SAS that was held at the end of April.

This is the first of 10 cards made.   This card is from the Magical Day stamp set and die.   I got the idea for this card from another demo but don’t remember her name, sorry.    The Celebrate You die cuts were from the last set of SAB Free items SU offered but they are no longer available.   I had to postpone my March SAS due to personal issues and rescheduled it for end of April.   My my girls were so great in rescheduling and sorry for those that could not attend.




I am really going to miss this set once it goes.. but I did hold onto it and did not sell it as I know I will use it in the future for personal use.    Too bad SU did not keep this set as it was a hit with everyone young and old.

Have a great day my friends.


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Let the Good Times Roll Hostess Card # 2

Hi there and happy Friday to you.

This card is called the impossible card and I watched a video by Dawn Griffin in order to make my version of the card using the Let the Good times roll stamp set and dies.    Dawn is another stampin demo who has a great site and card video on almost all her cards.   Here is her blog to check out her video on this card called “The impossible card”  once you see it you will see why.  Its not impossible to make as there is a secret to it.. so check out her blog for more details.

This was another project my hostess made with the other card I showed you yesterday.

IMG_8827 IMG_8828 IMG_8829  IMG_8826

Such a fun card.   If you make one too, show me your version.

Have a great weekend.  I am going to see Book Club tonight with my friends Kate and Lorraine as we used to in book club together with our neighbors, but we all got busy and stopped getting together.  Kate and Lorraine have both moved out of the hood so I do miss them both along with our friend Hope you also has moved. Bummer for me as they were all great neighbors.   Glad we still get together to see each other.


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Let the Good Times Roll Hostess Club Card 1

Hi there,

Today is another hostess project my girls made just for being in my hostess club. I prepare the items and mail them to them so they can make these projects at home on their own time. Its a way of thanking them for being in my club.

This is a really fun card (but time consuming and not hard just takes a while to get the roller coast just right to sit up). I watched several videos of other demo’s making this card and their way of folding up the track to get it just right to sit up.   Once the card is done its a great card but is hard to do at first.  I hope my hostess girls liked it and got it right after watching the video I suggested they watch to make this.

The track is cool and folds down so you can fold up the card and send out.

IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8825

Very very cool.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this.

Have a great day.


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Apron of Love Treat Holder

Hi There and welcome back

This is the cutest treat box ever. Again another creation from Erica Cerwin on her facebook live post a while ago.  Her webside is  She has a great blog and lots of videos so check it out.

This was another hostess projects my girls got to make along with the other two cards I showed you earlier this week.

Loved, loved, loved this… such a cute treat with all the tools etc.   So fun to make.

IMG_8539 IMG_8541 IMG_8543


These are the three projects that made on month (just can’t remember which one) but I think it was a fun one for them to make.

Have a great day my friends.


Posted on : May 23 2018
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Apron of Love Home Depot Card

Hi there and welcome back

Today is another card the girls made as a hostess project.   Again its another card made by Erica Cerwin on her facebook live page a few months ago.  I showed you yesterday Apron card and today is this great gift card and so cool that is looks just like the Home Depon Aprons.  Erica is so talented. Check out her blog at


This is the gift card with the cool band around it.


The best dad embossd


The band



Inside the card where the gift card cut was made.


Very fun gift card.



Posted on : May 22 2018
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Apron of Love – Thank you card

Hi Girls,

Yes I am back to posting again.  Sorry I have been away again from my blog but lots has happened to me over the past several months. But time to get back to stamping and sharing.

Today is a card I cased from another demo Erica Cerwin at  as she showed this card on her facebook Live page and I made this card as thank you for my hostess club and even did the blue version of this card for my hostess as their hostess projects for being part of my hostess club.



This is the version of her card I made for the girls as thank you notes.

IMG_8536 IMG_8538 IMG_8557

This is the one they made as a hostess project.    Did you notce the I love stamping sign with the scissors, so cool

Did you also notice the checked pattern on the apron.  She made that by using the Diagnol Stamp and using the Stamperatous to make this cute pattern.  Its so easy with the stamperaous (sp).   I can’t remember what day Erica posted this as one of her Facebook Friday, but its cool to see and so cool to see this pattern made.

Cuteness all around.


Posted on : May 21 2018
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BBQ Card made by Donna Oellien

The coolest card I am going to show you today as made by my friend Donna.   She used the Aprin of love set to make this great BBQ card.  I loved it and had to share with you all.  Donna is very talented and creative and this card shows it all.  The card folds and then open us to this great BBQ with fire and all.

IMG_8805 IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8812 IMG_8803 IMG_8804 IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_8809 IMG_8810

Isnt this the best.   So very cool.  She did an awesome job.  Thanks Donna for giving me this great card.   So cool.  YOu are the best and so talented.


Posted on : May 20 2018
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Stamp-a-Stack Set up – Living Table

Hello and welcome back.

This is the 3rd table of three I set up for my Stamp-a-stacks at my house.  There are 10 cards to be made with everything you need except tape (as you bring your own).


1st card of 3 cards made at this table.  This card using the Big Shot so that Big Shot is set up in the kitchen on my kitchen table.


Close up of all the supplies on the table for this card


Close up of the 1st of 3 cards on this table


2nd of 3 cards made at this table


Close up of all the supplies for this card


Close up of the 2nd cards


3rd Card set up for this table


Close up of all the supplies used for this card


Close up of the 3rd card


Big Shot Table set up in my Kitchen for the one card in the living room that uses the Big Shot


This is how I store my dies so they don’t get lost on the table by the girls.  They are on a magnetic piece and placed in the basket as the girls know my one rule.. as soon as you are done with the die, you put it right back onto the magnetic pad in the basket.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a great day.


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Stamp-a-Stack Set Up – Dining Table

Hello and welcome back.

More pictures of how I set up my tables for the Stamp-a-Stacks.    You can see that all the supplies except tape are on the tables to use.   On the dining room table there are 8 seats for 3 cards.  I usually have 4 sets for one more detailed or difficult card so 4 people can make it at once and help each other.   As you know my SAS card are way more detailed than other demos SAS Cards.


First card of 3 -both sides of the table to be stamping this card


Close up of all the supplies used to make this card


Picture of Card for 1st first card of 3 in the dining room.


2nd Card of 3 in the dining room


All the supplies used to make this card


Close up of 2nd card in dining room


4 spots in the dining room for the 3rd of 3 cards at this table


Close up of the card and supplies and instructions.


Other side of table for this card


Other side of table so you can see how all 4 sides are set up for this card.

Hope you enjoyed this set up of my tables.

Have a great day.

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Stamp-A-Stack Set up – Garage Table

Hi Girls,

In case you have never been to one of my events but was thinking about attending but not sure how my Stamp-a-Stacks work.. well here are some pictures for you for how I set the tables with the sample cards and supplies.

The first set of pictures is my garage table set up.   The garage has a lot of room so this is the room where most of the cards that need to use the big shot are done.   Also its the only room that has 4 cards to be made.


Shot of the table set up and clean (before the girls arrive to stamp).  It may not look this clean later but that is ok too.


Card 1 set up – stamp set to share, ink pads on each set (do not have to share those)


Card Sample (one on each side of the table, cup as scissor, bone folder, tongs.  I put the big shot sign so the girls know they don’t have to cut out these images, they are to be done on the big shot.


Card # 2


Sample card


Card # 3


Sample Card


Card # 4 (this one happen to be a box and a card for Valentines Day).


Sample Card


Other Sample Card


Garage table with big shots behind them


Big shot table.  I have 4 big shots for my classes so its easy for everyone to make their cut outs and not have to wait too long to use them.  They are set up to be used with each card.  I have one electric big shot I use (not an SU product) but you can’t always use all their products sometimes.


Another shot of the Big shot with pokers, mats, garbage cans ect.


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